Areas of Interest

Conducting research and working with constituents in solution development enhances the engagement of the university with public and private partners.  The blend of lab and field research with scholarship in the studio supports by my pursuit of solutions to challenges faced by the industries providing our healthcare, supporting our well-being and providing security and protection for our global society. Through these investigations, I endeavor to bring these practical experiences into the classroom along with a vision of a human centered design process to help educate and train designers for the grand challenges of the 21st century. Research areas of interest include:

  • Human centered design, Universal design
  • Quantification of the interaction between individuals, products, and their environment
  • Participatory design, working with expert users
  • Applied product and process research
  • Trans-disciplinary solution development: field work, lab work
  • Effects of aging on fatigue development and work

My workplace focused ergonomics research strengthens my research efforts in human centered design development. By including individuals with disabilities and who are older in our research, we will increase our understanding of the strengths and limitations inherent in the individual and those imposed by our designed solutions.  Expand my research in user experience design will help to better understand the affordance usage and changes in expectations based on experience